The past few days. I have been trying to figure out how to rebuild my website and merge my blog into one. Why, because blog was through WordPress while my website was through a different outdated software.  It is quite challenging to figure out new software, plug ins, widgets, web links and all the limitations they impose when merging new with old.

Especially, since I have a new laptop which no longer supports old software, images, and hardware.  So bear with me as I learn the new rules of new programs and adapting with technology.  I will try to give you the pros and cons of what I figure out.

So here is what i did and what i didn’t do.    I decided to stick with WordPress for my blog  website.   I looked through a few hundred templates to find a layout I could live with for now.    Why a template?  Because I am not a software genie.  And I have learned that updates to software happen fast and break even faster.  Then checked for which ones had a good walk through tutorial.

I found a user friendly template –Pixagraphy.  Downloaded the template, and started playing around with what I could do.  Course, then I had to find some extra tech help and another plugin to import my old blog to the new website. Thankfully, found a few how to steps and waited while the magic web populated my new website.  Next, I had to search through all the gallery plugins and down load that too.  Then I started uploading images and playing with the layout.



Cons to using a free template.  I don’t have as much freedom in customizing the page layout, colors, or fonts.  That is for the advanced. I don’t have much freedom in the gallery layout, unless I want to purchase a pro-version template.  I need to know what my users will do when they access the gallery to best select one down the road.

So for now, I have successfully merged my blog and website into one location.  I can quickly update and post to my blog.  And so far it appears to be working in multiple formats – mobile, apps, and standard web access.  Win!



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